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Oh My Do I Dare Say 5 Step Process to Identify REAL Pearls (Go Girls xo) Say It Isn’t So? oh oh

 DoIDareSay A 5 Step Process to Identify REAL Pearls are …

How to Identify Real Pearls
Distinguish real pearls from fake pearls. Fake pearls have many names such as faux, simulated, plastic, glass, resin and artificial.  You might also want to find real pearls yourself - but don’t spoil nature because of that!
A faux pearl is generally understood to mean any sort of pearl thais made of something other than true 
nacre, be it plastic, glass, or resin. A faux pearl is not usually understood to be a cultured pearl, even though 
this is not, strictly speaking, a natural pearl. Real or cultured pearls may also be treated, either with dyes or 
special coatings, and can come from a variety of mollusks in addition to oysters. There are a few different 
ways to distinguish a faux pearl from a real pearl, and even to distinguish a cultured pearl from a real pearl,
some of which are more effective than others.
Run a pearl over the edge of your teeth.
A real pearl will feel sandy and gritty, while fake pearls have a smooth texture.
Rub two pearls against each other.
 The layers of nacre from real pearls will leave a powdery residue.
Put the pearls under a 30x jeweler’s loupe.
The surface of real pearls look scaly, while the surface of fake pearls will appear grainy.
If you have an extra pearl, cut it in half or even smash it open with a hammer.
(This is not recommended for a strung necklace, only an extra loose pearl).
The inside of real pearls consists of thin layers of nacre, that looks like the layers of an onion
Have the pearls examined or x-rayed by a certified gemologist.
The inside of real pearls consists of thin layers of nacre, that looks like the layers of an onion as shown in the graphic above.
by wikihow more info visit http://www.wikihow.com/Identify-Real-Pearls
A few pearl items to glance at (glass pearls) hand made by http://www.urstylejewelry.storenvy.com
The first picture shows 4mm glass white pearls with charms and crystals between every 10 pearls